How can I adjust/increase the gas fee in Pancakeswap?

When transacting on the blockchain, sometimes transactions are slow. Users want transactions to be fast, especially when buying and selling(swap) tokens. Because the prices change so fast, the transaction may fail.

How can you make your swap transactions fast on Pancakeswap, the largest DEX on the BSC/BNB Chain?

Can we set gas fee in pancakeswap? Yes, we can.

We pay a gas fee to be able to transact on the blockchain. The more gas fee we pay, the faster our transaction will be.

How to do it?

1- First, go to Pancakeswap and connect your wallet.

2- Click on the gear icon(Setting) in the top right

3- From the screen that appears, you can set your default gas fee for Pancakeswap. Under the “Default Transaction Speed (GWEI)” heading, there are 3 options:
Standard (5)
Instant (7)

If transaction speed is important to you, you can choose Instant(7). With BSC/BNB Chain, you don’t pay a high price as the transaction fees are very low.

You can also adjust the “Slippage” ratio from the same screen. For detailed information, please read: What is slippage tolerance in crypto? How to adjust slippage tolerance at Uniswap and Pancakeswap?


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