One of Crypto Launchpads: What are the PinkSale Advantages and Disadvantages?

There are many crypto launchpads for token sales and creating tokens. PinkSale is one of them.

One of Crypto Launchpads: What are the PinkSale advantages?

What is PinkSale Token Sale Launchpad?

PinkSale offers many services for new crypto and DeFi projects. It is a decentralized launchpad like DxSale and Unicrypt.

All of these platforms offer “mint/creating token”, ” token launchpad”, ” liquidity locker” “token vesting” “anti-bot” on different DEXs/chains.

DxSale or PinkSale?

  1. PinkSale offers projects KYC option, so project owners can pass KYC process. PinkSale offers its own KYC service. The KYC service, on the other hand, is to determine the identity information briefly (such as when becoming a member of Binance)
  2. DxSale has KYC option too. DxSale agreed with 3rd party institutions for KYC. We, as, are the official KYC Partner of DxSale. In the crypto world, KYC has a special place. In other words, the KYC processes of DxSale’s KYC Partners are much more stringent and reliable.

In addition, to ensure the security of the DxSale platform, it has agreed with the famous CERTIK. KYC Service

Community Support

DxSale promotes projects on its platform. It promotes projects to its community that consists of thousands of investors.

DxSale is a famous platform that has hosted projects that the entire crypto world knows, such as Safemoon.
With the KYC and audit option, investors can now evaluate projects much more easily.

Also, if you use DxSale’s token generation service “DxMint”, you don’t need to incur audit costs for your project.

This is a very good thing for the project owners.

In Summary

For project owners: DxSale

  • Promotion
  • Avoiding Audit Cost with DxMint
  • trustworthy KYC partner(
  • Famous platform that has hosted big projects

For Investors: DxSale

  • Reliable KYC partner
  • Audit option
  • Token sniffer
  • DYOR area
  • very important tools such as help you decide.

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