Photocentra Project Review- $PHOTO Presale (ILO) on Unicrypt

You find detailed analysis and review about $PHOTO project in this article. It contains team, tokenomics and technical evaluations.

They describe themselves: is an NFT photo marketplace and photo community based in Berlin. Photocentra aims to give authors a wide exposure and the opportunity to sell their photo works with the help of NFT — the latest blockchain based technology.

Token Info

Project name:

Symbol: PHOTO

Contract address: 0xa916e0cDc69eCFFB33e780b60616e207Bf675AA6

Token type: ERC20

Total supply: 50.000.000 PHOTO

Launchpad: Unicrypt Network (UniswapV2)


Presales have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock Rate50% ETH raised liquidity lock
time: 6 months
Participationnot private
Softcap200 ETH
Hardcap930 ETH
Max Spend per Account6 ETH
Presale Price5.376,34408602 PHOTO / per ETH
Listing Price4.838,70967742 PHOTO / per ETH
Audit(quick audit by Techrate)
Startapprox: Mon 28 Jun 16:49 UTC
Endapprox: Mon 12 Jul 02:28 UTC

locked tokens link: check it

It is good

  • Listing price is higher than presale price
  • Tokens not on presale are locked
  • Audit, check report

  • There aren’t KYC and audit at Unicrypt Network. But the team has some explanations about KYC and audit:

Why aren’t we audited and KYCed?

About Audit: Our smart contract minted total supply of tokens to one single address. Then the tokens were distributed for presale and locked with Team lock. Smart contract contains a single BURN function, which is required to burn tokens. This information is easily verifiable through Etherscan. However, independent auditors are welcome.

About KYC: As for KYC. We are a legal company registered in Berlin, Germany. We use Stripe and Paypal as payment providers and have been checked multiple times by their strict security departments.

About the team

  • Anonymous.

From White Paper

-According to website and other social accounts:

  • Your photo sold on other marketplace, you get only from 15% to 40%. PHOTOCENTRA has ZERO FEE to photographers. You always get 100% of the photo price direct to your wallet. Photographers are rewarded for minting their work with $PHOTO tokens
  • Up to 60% of $PHOTO tokens can be earned by the comunity by using NFT photo marketplace provided by PHOTOCENTRA
  • $PHOTO will be a native currency of the platform. Which will be used to buy photos and pay authors. That will ensure a growing demand for it
  • 20,000,000 (40%) $PHOTO tokens reserved for first uploaders
  • Photocentra DAO: Holders of $PHOTO tokens will be able to vote on governance decisions. Such as marketplace fees size, new features, moderator decisions, and photographers support decisions

-Photo Buyers pay a 4.9% fee, which goes to buyback $PHOTO tokens to create value for holders.

Token Distribution

  • 40% (20,000,000) tokens will be distributed* among the photographers who uploaded photos as described in the Photographers reward program above
  • 30% (15,000,000) investors part & funds for development team
  • 10% (5,000,000) will be distributed among liquidity providers on Uniswap
  • 5% (2,500,000) reserved to incentivize the marketing activities of the community (e.g. posting to social networks, contests, reviews, links, inviting friends)
  • 10% (5,000,000) ILO presale (50% liquidity locked for 6 month)
  • 5% (2,500,000) Uniswap liquidity pool

Tokenomics: Locking of tokens other than sales and liquidity is very important. Nobody wants a sudden drop in price. The team has locked the tokens and will be opened piece by piece over a period of 2 years. Check locked tokens.

About KYC: yes, team doesn’t KYC’ed by other (Unicrypt). They use Stripe and Paypal systems, which is a more important, effective and realistic benchmark than KYC.

Have you ever tried to use Stripe to get paid? I tried. Make sure they take a lot of data from your address to your tax number. Therefore, the team is not likely to scam or rug in this respect. Because their site is currently active and getting paid through the site. A company based in Berlin.

(Note: After publish post, Photo team has contacted me and said: “We have requested a quotes from Passorfail for KYC but they have not responded for 2 weeks”)

The best part of the project is that it has an active product. Go to the website and have a look. It is an active site currently used by many people.

I like projects that have a living product more. Because there are no questions such as whether the team will realize the project or how long it will take to realize it.

Considering the increasing NFT art craze all over the world, this project can go a long way.

Incentives such as the fact that there is no fee for the products sold on the site and the ‘Photographers reward program‘ can attract many photographers and artists.

$PHOTO, which will be the native token of an actively used site, has great potential.

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