How can I participate a presale on DxSale?

There are many options to participate in presales of new token-coin projects. One of them is decentralized launchpads. There are many IDO (Initial DEX offering) platforms. In this article, we will explain participation in token-coin presales using the DxSale platform.

How can I participate a presale on DxSale?

Why are so many people participating in new coin-token presales? Because if they invest in the right project, there is a possibility of making a profit like x100, x500.

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What is DxSale? What is Its Advantage and Disadvantage?

DxSale has services like dxmint, dxlock and launchpad. We will look the launchpad app.


Launchpad application is designed to be completely decentralized. What does this mean? It means anyone can come and make presale on this platform.

So there is no manual control. Scammers may try to use the names of other projects. Therefore, research thoroughly before investing in a project.


There are no requirements to participate in the pre-sale at DxSale. So, there is no requirement to hold a token like Unicrypt(round1), BSCstarter, etc.

ex: dxsale presale page

The Dxsale platform automatically locks some of the collected funds into the liquidity pool. Project owners determine how much of the collected funds will be locked and for how long.

The “pancakeswap liquidity %” parameter specified in the project pages shows this ratio.

Presale Participation: Step by Step

Step 1: Select the project you want to participate in the presale from the Dxsale home page(or use presale link). Go to the presale page of the project.

Step 2: Make sure your wallet is on the right network(BSC, Ethereum, Polygon)

Step 3: After the presale starts, enter the amount you want to participate in.

Step 4: Confirm transaction on your wallet.

Step 5: After presale end, go to same presale address (presale page of the project). The same address where you participated in the presale.

Step 6: Claim your token.

If the presale failed, go to the same address and refund.

There is a video tutorial.

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