Super Base Presale(ILO) Review

Teamstokenomics and technical reviews about the Super BASE $SBASE project ILO/IDO are in this article.

They describe themselves:

SuperBase combines the Rebasing concept, Auto Liquidity Generation and the Big brained RFI tech by taking a 10% fee on every Uniswap sell

Launchpad AMM: UniSwap


Please DYOR (do your own research)

Liquidity Lock % 90 ETH raised liquidity lock
Lock duration: 3 months
ParticipationOpen to anyone
Softcap50 ETH
Hardcap70 ETH
Max Spend per Account3 ETH
Presale Price27.778 SBASE / per ETH
Listing Price25.000,2 SBASE / per ETH
StartApprox: Sun 2 May 15:08
EndApprox: Mon 3 May 15:07

Total supply: 6.700.000 SBASE

it is good

  • %90 ETH raised liquidity
  • Presale price is lower than listing price.
  • Audit by Solidity Finance(link)

it is not good

  • No KYC

About the team

  • Anonymous

From White Paper

According to website and other sources:

  • Rebase Mechanism: 5% rebase occurs every hour if price is above peg, that means holders get 5% extra tokens every hour if price is above peg. No negative rebase.
  • Dynamic Peg
    • Peg price increases by 50% after two back to back rebase.
    • Peg price decreases by 20% after two hours of no rebase.
  • Autoliquidity Generation: 3.75% of the sell fees collected from sellers are paired with ETH to generate liquidity pool tokens, which are locked forever in the contract.
  • Frictionless Yield: Holders earn passive rewards of 5% of the sell fees through reflection as they watch their balance of SuperBase grow indefinitely.
  • Advance Burn Reaction : The supply of SBASE is also deflationary where 1.25% of Super BASE token collected from sell fees is burnt through sell fees

%90 ETH raised liquidity is very cool. It will not have liquidity problems after being listed.

About dev. wallet/other: At first glance, the rate of dev. wallet/other seems to be very high. But when you examine the project a little, you realize that it is not like that.

The team has explained in detail how to use the tokens it holds on its website. 27% of the total supply will be burned, 9% marketing, 6% team tokens. The 6% Team token rate is fair.

SBASE has both rebase and deflationary features. I don’t think projects that are just deflationary will be long-term. Likewise, projects that use only the Rebase feature will have price decreases.

The SBASE project has brought these two features together in a harmonious way. It uses Dynamic Peg to balance the price.

They offer a long-term solution to the liquidity problem, which is one of the biggest problems that new projects can experience. 3.75% of the sell fees collected from sellers are paired with ETH to generate liquidity pool tokens, which are locked forever in the contract. This feature shows that the project has long-term solutions and goals.

SBASE will take 10% fee on every sell. The distribution of this 10% is:

  • %5 of the fee is distributed to every wallet that holds $ SBASE on a percentage basis.
  • %3.75 is used to generate Liquidity pool-1.875% of the fee collected in $SBASE is sold into ETH, That ETH is married up with the remaining 1.875% of $ SBASE and deposited back into the uniswap liquidity pool
  • %1.25 is burnt forever thereby decreasing supply.

When I first looked at the project, the 3-month liquidity lock period drew my attention negatively. But when I examined the project, I saw the above solution for the Liquidity pool. I think this solution is both sufficient and long-term for the liquidity pool.

All of the project features I explained above are based on smart contract. Therefore, such a project should definitely have control. Yes, SBASE has audit by Solidity Finance (Report). it is very important for the project’s safe.

Presale ended.

70 ETH collected. hit hardcap. success

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