Yeast Project Review – $YEAST Presale

Yeast Project is a new token on BSC. It wants to be “high yield staking token”. Let’s deep dive into it.

Yeast automatically generates a growing stream of passive income for holders


Token Info

Project name: Yeast

Ticker/Symbol: YEAST

Token type: BEP-20

Total supply: YEAST


Presales have some risks. Please DYOR (do your own research)

Presale Information

Launchpad/ presale place official web site: Yeast
Participation Whitelisted accounts
Token price TBD
Start July 12th 12:00:00

YEAST’s links:

About the team

  • Anonymous

From White Paper

Yeast automatically generates a growing stream of passive income for holders.

Yeast Token gives holders the benefits of massive staking pool rewards on steroids.

Yeast token represents a holder’s share in high APY% staking pool that is constantly growing through the nature of compoundding rewards, and and a tax on all transactions.

Features of Yeast

  • Transaction(tax) fee is 12%
    • 5% added liquidity
    • 5% added to staking pool
    • 1% Marketing
    • 1% distributed to holders

Staking Pool

Some part of tax fee is invested in several high APY% (100% -120%) staking pools. These pools are working to constantly generate a return, and holders are rewarded proportionally for their ownership stake in Yeast.

The rewards distributed from the Yeast pool are completely independent of volume. Any volume (buy or sell) will grow the staking pool and increase holder rewards.

Ensures that holder rewards will NEVER go down and continually increase. Based on the compounding effect of the pool, holding Yeast tokens guarantees your rewards increase and compound.

How does it Works?

A theoretical staking pool of $100,000 will generate 447 units of CAKE as rewards during month 1.

The rewards units will be distributed to the token holders over the course of the month.

The locked wallets, unsold tokens, and 5% generated from every transaction will be funneled directly to the reward pool, ensuring that during the next month more than 447 units will be distributed.

The Yeast project is based on staking. It promises high returns to investors, provided that they hold the token.

The team announced that the audit will be completed before the presale. This is a good indicator.

Yeast will start staking first with CAKE. Then It will continue with tokens which high APY% returns.

You can learn details about how the system will work from the white paper and website.

I can say that the Yeast system is well designed. But Yeast is mainly designed for medium and long-term investors.

Some information about the presale has not yet been determined (such as the presale price). Go to Discord or Telegram group and ask your questions to the team. As with any project, you need to trust the team.

If you like medium-long term investment, you should definetely check out Yeast.

Presale ended.

500 BNB collected. Hit hardcap. Success

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