What is DxSale IDO Launchpad? Advantages and Disadvantages?

In recent years, there has been no one who has not heard of Bitcoin and altcoins. All coins and tokens other than Bitcoin are called altcoins.

So how are these altcoins formed? Where do these projects start? How do they raise funds? Where can I find good tokens/coins?

I have a good blockchain/crypto project but don’t know how to start? I have a good DeFi, NFT or Gaming project, but how will I raise funds and build a community?

You will find the answers to the above questions in this article.

What is DxSale IDO Launchpad?

IDO (Initial Dex Offering): New token/coin projects hold a presale to raise funds and launch. They are listed in a DEX (Pancakeswap, Uniswap, etc) after this presale. IDO platforms host these presales. These platforms provide many conveniences to both project owners and investors.

DxSale is the largest and most famous decentralized IDO platform.

DxSale allows anyone to Mint, Airdrop, Launch and Lock their tokens seamlessly without any coding required!

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Advantages of DxSale for Project Owners

What is DxSale IDO Launchpad? Advantages and Disadvantages?

DxMint: You have a good idea or project, but you don’t know how to code a smart contract. You can easily create your own token using. Also very important is that the tokens you create using DxMint are safe. You do not need to get an audit report from a third company for your smart contract. This audit service can be a bit expensive 🙂

DxDrop: You can airdrop your token to all your users with the click of a button!

DxLock: You can lock your tokens for a certain period of time. You can prove it by using the link of these locked tokens. In this way, you give confidence to your investors. Also, the tokens you lock appear as locked on the presale page.

DxFairlaunch: You can Fairlaunch by adding a certain amount of liquidity.

Audit/KYC: The KYC or Audit services you obtain from DxSale’s KYC and Audit partners are displayed on the dashboard and presale page. This gives great confidence to investors.

DxLaunch: Successfully launched with more than 12.000 projects. Projects we all know like SafeMoon have used DxSale.

You can list your project on ApeSwap as well as on Pancakeswap. This feature is not available on other launchpads.

Fees: Platforms receive some of the tokens of the projects as a fee. Unfortunately, some launchpads sell these tokens, leaving projects in a very difficult situation, sometimes even killing projects. Among the Decentralized Launchpads, DxSale is the most transparent and reliable IDO platform in this regard. Click for more information

It is the largest and most well-known IDO platform. So you can easily trust them. It is also a platform known to many investors.

Promotion: Basically, you can have 4 options for promotion:

  1. DxSalePresales Official Telegram Channel (https://t.me/dxsalepresalebot)
  2. Dashboard: DxSale has millions of visitors.
  3. AMA in Official Telegram Group (https://t.me/dxsalepresales): KYCed projects can get a free AMA on DxSale official Telegram group. Projects have to use official KYC partners of DxSale(idopresales.com and SolidProof)
  4. Fire Rank: Get your sale upfront and center for millions of daily visitors to see. You can find the voting panel in the DYOR area of your sale. Each chain has its own list of top 10 sales!

The user interface is very simple. Investors do not need to hold DxSale tokens to participate in the presale.

All of these advantages make it easier for you to raise funds.

Use the referral code when you create a presale, fairlaunch or overflow and get discount. The referrral code: IDOPRSL

Advantages and Disadvantages of DxSale for Investors

There are many tools available for investors to evaluate projects.

Especially in “DYOR Area” there are many features such as “Token Sniffer, Disqus Chat, DxLock Token Locker, etc”.

Also, when you open the DxSale LaunchPad dashboard, projects with KYCed appear. This way you can search for relatively more reliable projects.

Downside: Since DxSale is a decentralized launchpad, anyone can use this platform. Malicious people can also use this platform. About these dangers, DxSale constantly warns users.

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